Exhibition Title: These are not portraits from life: they are creations



Historically, portrait photography has been disconnected from everyday life, as an intentional and premeditated act; people visited photography studios to create or immortalize important milestones and events. The name of the exhibition is not portraits from life; they are creations is taken by Albert Camus’ characterization of Algerian photography studios as a disconnect from everyday life; the exhibition will be highlighting reclaimed narratives from Africa and how digital platforms can help with that journey. 

As a Special Projects exhibitor at 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair in London October 5-8, 2017 Tazuri Projects  plans on:

1. Setting up a portraiture photography studio – extremely popular before the mid- 2000s throughout Africa before selfies and cell phones took over

2. Exhibit 54 photographs submitted from Africans and the diaspora collected in the open call advertised in the lead up to the exhibition. 

The main motivation behind this project is to introduce new models of engagement and preservation. This exhibition plans on exploring two overlapping ideas, the first being the juxtaposition between the premeditated nature of archaic photography studio photography and today's instantaneous visual culture, and the second concept, is crucially helping reclaiming the narrative by Africans and the diaspora - with all artwork for the exhibition to be generated by the audience and archived digitally.


In the lead-up to the exhibition there will be an open call for the submissions of photographs to be exhibited during the fair; all submitted photographs will be uploaded on a dedicated Instagram account and website. 54 photographs will be chosen for exhibition in London; one photograph from each African country.

Fair Booth

During the Fair visitors are invited to visit the designated photo booth and take ‘selfies’ and join the documentation process via dedicated hashtags. This immediate update in the exhibition’s live digital feed is a nod to the instantaneous nature of today’s society while testifying to the aesthetics of the photographs that were the original inspiration.

Images from both initiatives will be shared on a dedicated Instagram account and online archive.

Any questions- email wided@tazuri.com



In the spirit of community generated exhibition content I am also reaching out to the community to help finance the exhibition.

 If you can financially aid with the project- please go to our Kickstarter link here: https://tinyurl.com/yb6chbu8